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These are the speakers for the new Nintendo animated film

New Super Mario Brothers (e) Keyboard for Nintendo

It has been known for many years that the makers of Nintendo and Light or allies work on a Super Mario Brothers movie. In the current Nintendo live presentation, the speaker cast is now revealed.

.Super Minions Brothers“? Nintendo and Light have new details”Super Mario Brothers.The animated film was unveiled during a recent Nintendo live presentation. Accordingly, the film is set to hit theaters on December 21, 2022. In other parts of the world, you can also see friends and foes coming from Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom during the holidays, if everything goes according to plan.

In addition, an all-star speaker cast was released. In the American version, it features Chris Pratt (“Defenders of the Galaxy“) Als Mario, Charlie Day (It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia) Al Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy (Queen’s Gambit) Als Princess Beach, Jack Black (Jumanji“) Als praser, Keegan-Michael Kee (Schmidtoon!) Als Tod, Seth Rogen (Green beetle“) Als Tanki Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson (DNMT“Comet, Fred Armison (Portlandia) Cranky Kong and Sebastian Maniskalko Spike. Mario’s regular spokesman Charles Martinet is also said to be involved in an amazing cameo.

Mario creator Shikeru Miyamoto produces the animated film with Chris Melodantri of Light. The animation studio, among other things, is behind. “Disgusting I am“,Allies“,To sing“,The secret life of pets“And this”Grinch“-Picture Mid Benedict Cumberbatch.

Mario and Luigi already had a real movie adventure in the 90s, but it has some fans. There was an animated sequel with live action features. Some Mario Brothers characters already exist “Ralph enoughUsed, for example Bowser.

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First poster with cast “Super Mario Brothers.“:

Here is the full-length Nintendo live presentation on YouTube:

Super Mario Brothers: The Motion Picture (Blu-ray)