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Therman Group Holdings Stock: Credit Review!

In the last three months, stocks Thurman Group Holdings (NYSE: THR) 8.00%. Before understanding the importance of debt, let us look at what is the debt of Thurman Group Holdings.

Thurman Group Holdings Credit

According to Thurman Group Holdings’ annual financial statements dated August 5, 2021, long-term debt is $ 142.60 million and short-term debt is $ 2.50 million, bringing the total debt to $ 145.10 million. $ 41.05 million was converted into cash and cash equivalents, leaving the company with a net debt of $ 104.05 million.

We will define some of the terms used in the paragraph above. A short-term loan is a portion of a company’s debt that must be repaid in one year, while a long-term debt is a portion that must be repaid in more than a year. Cash equivalents include cash and all liquid securities with a maturity of 90 days or less. Total debt is the result of short-term debt and cash equivalent debt after long-term debt.

To understand the size of a company’s financial debt, investors look at the amount of debt. Thurman Group Holdings has a total asset value of $ 624.83 million and a foreign exchange value of 0.23. As a rule of thumb, more than one foreign exchange rate is financed by a significant portion of debt assets. Higher foreign exchange interest rates may indicate that the company may be at default risk. However, leverage rates vary greatly between individual businesses. The debt ratio may be as high as 35% in one business and average in another.

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The importance of debt

Debt is a key factor in a company’s capital structure and can help it grow. Borrowing generally has a relatively lower financial cost than equities, making it an attractive option for managers.

However, due to interest paying obligations, a company’s cash flow can be adversely affected. The fund allows forex companies to use the extra capital to run the business so that the shareholders can retain the excess profits generated by the foreign exchange.

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Credit Overview of Therman Group Holdings

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