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There is no "download" stored in Formisano - Chronicle

There is no “download” stored in Formisano – Chronicle

Hult. The political crisis of Scaffolding mayor, Cristoforo Salvathi, Unites the various souls of the opposition. Despite fundamental dissatisfaction with the possible mechanisms, everyone is ready to put forward a motion of no confidence.
He did not expect a majority meeting on Monday to understand the wishes of the three dissidents who hold the future of the municipal administration on the bench. Opponents Paulo Attianes, Antonella Vacaro e Anna Conte They should be convinced by the project document that the mayor will present in the next assembly in view of the new year. If the meeting ends with black smoke, the opposition is ready to put forward a no-confidence motion and understand the possible ways.
In recent days, representatives of minorities have defined a strategy and found the right balance in terms of content. The complaint against the government over the past two years, the choice to return to a multi-year restructuring that had been made permanent only by “fake” budgets, has brought downturn from the city’s inability and Govt-19 difficulties from its past.
The most suitable place at this time is a notary seat. However, not everyone is optimistic. Among the suspects are veterans Teresa Formisano, Those who do not want to fulfill the distrust in the private space, will want to hold a debate in the municipality. “It’s a question of open communication.
Formisano, the former mayor’s historical ally Pascual Aliberdy, He explains all of this in order to understand the real motives of the dissidents: பல Many political topics in the last meeting were voted on despite being encouraged by the mayor. It’s a particular behavior, once I get a chance, considering my positive attitude towards Kovit, and my intention is to talk to them to discuss all of this with four eyes. Seriousness is needed. I want to be in opposition until the end of the term, if anyone is going to ignore the municipal administration because of someone’s audacity.
Alfonso Romano
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