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Ferrari, avvistato nuovo prototipo in stile LaFerrari

Ferrari invents the new LaFerrari-style prototype – the Monto Auto

In the Ferrari list, there may be a car capable of playing the role of successor LaFerrari Aberta. In recent days a car has been spotted in Maranello, with the features of the Cavalino supercar, with flip flops on each side of the passenger compartment, presumably a plug-in hybrid; The upgrade is probably going well, and it makes the car a candidate for the Modena company’s 75th anniversary presentation.

YouTuber intercepted the car Warrix, Famous for car spotting of Italian supercars. According to his reconstruction, The car will be an old Ferrari Daytona SP3 forklift, But shared with LaFerrari Aperta in several areas. The wrapping is matte black. It can also be a car that, on balance, is placed on the road to test ‘hidden’ parts, mechanical or electronic, from view.


Recently there have been many displays about new cars or already known car forklifts in Maranello. For example, testing continues on the first Ferrari SUV to be introduced under the name Prosangyu. Already in 2020 when cars like LaFerrari were circulating in the factory area, more than one question was raised. So LaFerrari is cooking something at home.

Ferrari LaFerrari pre-2013. It came out with 963 horsepower in exchange for a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The car was fitted with a seven-speed gearbox and premo carbon-ceramic brakes as well as a high-gear hybrid system. Flavio Manzoni tried to combine this car with the best technology available at the time in Maranello and the most important cars in the brand’s history, especially the 330 P4 and 312 P (two golden models of the memorable sports endurance races). The chosen name is also strongly motivated, because it is a Ferrari with a capital F (still exists today).

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