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The Xbox Processor on your computer tells you if you can run a game on your computer before downloading it.

Microsoft is releasing an updated version of its Xbox application for PC, which includes a look at the possibility of your computer running the game before you download.

This feature is very useful for Game Pass subscribers, as it contains a large library of service titles called Game Performance Fit Indicator.

Whenever you watch a game through the Xbox app you will see a text message asking you how Microsoft should run on your computer. This will be generated by comparing the performance of the topic on computers with specifications similar to yours.


Microsoft says the new feature is starting to come out to users, but as it continues to collect performance data for different games, checks for all topics may not appear.

With the game’s performance change indicator, Microsoft has highlighted its many application enhancements. Announcement messageIncluding backend modifications designed to provide a smooth and reliable user experience.

Source – Translation: Eurocomer

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