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Chain reaction, the Siblings went into chaos and won an amazing sum

Chain reaction, the Siblings went into chaos and won an amazing sum

Lots of suspense in the Saturday episode of August 14th Chain reaction With Sibyl Champions. This time Sarah, Giovanni and Valentina were the most appropriate, especially as the conductor warned of the new Tuscan challenges of Amici in Salsa. The whole challenge was certainly heart-pounding because the siblings were in danger of leaving the scene. In the end, however, the three champions managed to overcome the last hurdle, but they collected a staggering prize money!

Chain reaction, one step away from removing siblings

The Sibyl They immediately started strongIn fact, at the end of the first chain reaction games they collected 114 thousand euros. ‘I think this is almost a record!Marco Liorini shouted in praise of the extraordinary results of the three champions. At Zot, Amici’s method in salsa tried to capture five seconds of time. Thanks to Cristiano’s immediate response, who was able to connect Calta and Ombra with the word Cone, Sibyl’s opponents were ten seconds ahead of the champions.

For the win deal, Cristiano, Luca and Valerio took advantage of this time. Amici in salsa was immediately very ready, in fact they came to capture the beauty of the nine words. It was difficult for the Siblings to reach this goal and work hard, especially due to lack of time. Despite all the difficulties, Sarah, Giovanni and Valentina grabbed the key to reach the final with ten words and won the company!

Chain reaction, the incredible success of the Siblings: this is what they have won

In the last episode of the Roy 1 broadcast game, the Siblings tried to defend the amazing prize money as much as possible. 154 thousand euros in gold tokens. By the end of the last chain, the siblings were able to get there with 77 thousand euros! That number was halved for the last time to buy a third element. Between Scorpio and Ballon, between the initial letters ‘Go’ and the final letters ‘E’, Sarah, Giovanni and Valentina agreed on the word confusion. After putting some suspense in the air, Marco Leoni finally announced the good news: ‘Word confusion tonight!38,500 euros win for Sibyl!

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