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The working hover board walks the streets of Los Angeles

The working hover board walks the streets of Los Angeles

Inventor Hunter Coward has developed a fully functional hover board capable of carrying a man for several tens of minutes.

Iron Man was better cared for. In the absence of autonomy or tolerance for all of the jet packs and other hoverboards ever delivered, the American Hunter Colvall can make everyone agree. After years of research and failed crash tests, the inventor presented his work to the world by operating a plane directly on the streets of Los Angeles. The video, which was released on its YouTube channel at the end of April, is only about 40 seconds long, but has already gone viral.

A giant drone

Designed in carbon fiber, this new generation hover board is simply delivered Drone Giant, directly controllable via wireless remote control. At a total weight of 340 kg, Hunter Cowalt explains that this machine is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 227 kg. Therefore, the device should not have difficulty carrying a man on its back. On the security side, too, the inventor offered nothing. The hoverboard can actually land safely even after losing two of its eight engines or one of its five electrical systems. In the event of an emergency, the rotation of the more active propellers is also capable of exceeding the speed of sound, Covallt assures, allowing the engine to compensate for lost forces and land safely. In terms of autonomy, the results displayed by the device are very definite because the latter can fly for more than 20 minutes before being recharged.

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Alternative airlines have been plentiful in recent years. Then French Frankie Sabada Flyboard, Or Jeff Elkings’ megatron, signed by this new functional and autonomous invention Hunter Cowold may finally allow the general public to discover the pleasures of private flight.