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'The Wonderland,' is now available on Blu-ray DVD and digital downloads

‘The Wonderland,’ is now available on Blu-ray DVD and digital downloads

Eleven arts and shout! Factory announces Kaichi Hara’s fairytale anime adventure, The Wonderland, Now available for digital download, on-demand, Blu-ray + DVD combo pack and standalone DVD. Directed by Hara, one of Japan’s leading animated film directors (Miss Hokusai, Colorful), The film features visual and character designs by artist Ilya Kuvshinov (Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045).

Bonus features include interviews with a Japanese voice cast, including the talent of the protagonist Akanega Mayu Matsuka (Young Shoya, A Silent Voice) And audio commentary with character designer and concept artist Kuvshinov.

The day before her birthday, the young Akane meets the mysterious alchemist Hippocrates, bringing her through the basement and into a fairytale world full of magic and color. Although things seemed calm on the surface, John-gu knew that this world was in danger and that as the destination goddess of the green wind, it was Akon’s responsibility to bring back the rain and save this world from terror. Alchemist Pipo and her courageous aunt Chi in training to join Akane on her journey. The same problem? Akane wants to go home now.

The Wonderland Based on Sachiko Kashiwaba’s famous children’s book Chikashitru kara no fushigi na tabi (Strange Journey from the Basement).

Bonus features:

  • Our Wonderland – Cast Interview
  • The Amazing Adventure of Mau Matsuka
  • Audio commentary by Character Designer & Concept Artist Ilia Kuvshinov and Eleven Arts Chris Platt and Amelie Quattro

The DVD is now available Purchase.

Source: Shout! Factory