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Google Chrome 86 is now available for download

Google Chrome 86 is now available for download

Google has finally launched Chrome 86 on all supported platforms, including both desktop and mobile, and this time focuses on mobile enhancements.

A newer version of the browser, which includes native Windows spell checker on devices running Microsoft’s operating system, now comes with mixed format warnings on desktop PCs and Android phones and tablets to warn users when they submit an unsafe form. Embedded in the HTTPS page.

Google explains that this will add a new layer of security to devices running Chrome and that this approach will help combat the vulnerabilities created by the means developed to bypass HTTPS execution.

“Secure HTTPS pages can sometimes have insecure features. Earlier this year, when secure pages embed insecure content, Chrome began saving and blocking so-called “mixed content”. There are other ways HTTPS pages can create security vulnerabilities for users, such as providing downloads over insecure links or using forms that do not submit data securely, ”Google said.

More security improvements and memory optimizations

Then, Chrome 86 can now prevent unsafe downloads from launching from secure pages, as it is part of a regular rollout that Google has already announced for its browser.

“Chrome 86 blocks or warns of some insecure downloads initiated by secure pages. Currently, this change usually affects abused file types, but in the end secure pages can initiate any kind of secure downloads, ”the company said.

Chrome 86 also introduces a new option to quickly change the password you believe has been leaked, while also introducing a background tab throttling feature that should be streamed live on Chrome 85.

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This new tool makes it possible to reduce background tabs to 1% CPU time after idle for at least 5 minutes, especially reducing the browser’s resource usage on the computer.