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The Ultimate Edition, Xbox Series X - Nert 4. Life more powerful than the PS5 in control mode testing

The upgraded PS5 and Xbox series are not being managed “optimally”, 505 – agrees

Neil Rally – Chairman 505 games – Agreed PS5 and Xbox Series X | Upgrade SI From Control It was not handled “in the best way”. In fact, keep in mind that the Ultimate Edition is only guaranteed for the next generation who have purchased the version, but it is not available to anyone who has purchased the basic game and DLC separately (which is the contents of the Ultimate).

Speaking to, Raleigh said: “Every transition from one generation to the next creates challenges for both development and publishing. Smart Delivery, If I use to generalize this word, it is something we have never encountered before as a profession. ”


For control, we made some decisions that define how smart delivery can be done for the next generation version. They were decisions made at the right time, but they made those volumes. We could not retreat and rearrange. The way we grow Ultimate version So there was a sensible and reasonable way to make smart delivery. ”

We learned Lots of all of these. Did we as a publisher manage it in the best way and communicate best with the public? Probably not. But we have done everything we can to satisfy the consumers. Moving forward, we can do it in a better way and you will see it in the next examples we have with Gostrunner at the end of September and Aceto Corsa at the beginning of 2022. I hope we manage it in a better way. “

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