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The truck driver dies of a heart attack while unloading goods

The truck driver dies of a heart attack while unloading goods

Fold. The 53-year-old Ukrainian truck driver died at 11am today (March 22) in La Sanformis Agro & Food Company Square via Tadesa in Puebla.

A sudden illness, almost certainly a heart attack, which did not escape man.

The truck driver had arrived at the unloading and loading operation a short while ago in the square of a large agricultural commodity trading company. Normally, in many companies he works a thousand times more than he went to deposit or load goods.

He was on the ground and tied a rope around the body after securing the loads.

There were other employees of the company in the square. The same persons suddenly saw the man on the ground: a few minutes ago, in fact, the truck driver collapsed and immediately lost consciousness. Immediate call to 118 people who sent automatics with resuscitation on the plane. Emergency service medical and nursing staff have long been involved in resuscitation procedures. Unfortunately it was in vain and the truck driver is now dead.

After receiving a report from 118 doctors, the on-duty magistrate immediately gave the green light for the removal of the body, which is currently being cremated at the morgue and is pending return to his country of birth.

To investigate the case and verify the cause of death, Pueblo Carabinieri intervened at the scene and found that it was natural. –

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