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The studio is coming out in silence to reassure the fans

The studio is coming out in silence to reassure the fans

When there is more, there is more. Cyberpunk 2077 Continually spoken, it is not good yet.

Cyberpunk 2077 Within a few weeks the video game became an ugly duckling. After more than eight years of development, fantastic teasing, Trailers and Sports Videos Breathtaking, fan looks Kinu Reeves To improve the game, Night City Expected to be the Messiah. Especially by the end of 2020 video games will not be so rich either.

So all the lights were green, and the stars were aligned Cyberpunk 2077 Real cardboard box. Before the disaster began to take shape, the CD project’s $ 300 million blockbuster Even better started. Cyberpunk 2077 Had recorded more than Eight million pre-orders, Studio Against Heavyweight Record, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunting. Night City Pride boasts that more than has passed 13 million tracks In just 10 days.

The CD project is now accountable to the whole world

How did the CD project go from the light of excitement to the darkness of anger? First mixed reviews As well as The first negative comment Players are already starting to leave the popularity of the game. Then Opus did not retain the technical reality, the errors multiplied and The PS4 and Xbox One versions are considered complete and shameful failures. Withdrawal from the game PlayStation Store de Sony As well as the results The Japanese studio to report, then confirmed the ugly turn of events.

Gradually, Cyberpunk 2077 Crushing with anger and criticism, it turned the year’s big journey into a disaster. The studio, faced with this, certainly tried to be Public apology in good faith, Hope to calm the players. But the story continues with a new awkward buzz, that’s all C.D. The project has decided to come out of its lies to silence the rumors.

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PhotoYou are constantly asked where your PS5 is

A few weeks ago a “supposed” CD project employee posted on the online forum Reddit Confusing information about alleged development Cyberpunk 2077. Step cAnd «internal, Polish Studio He would have voluntarily reduced the number of hours of play In order to provide it as a free DLC. First DLC: Also gave a date for March 2021.

Cutting out entire sections of a package to ensure exit and storage of furniture is unfortunately not considered (considered) Tomb Rider: Angel of Darkness For example), but this idea would make the case worse Cyberpunk. In particular the lifespan of the game, its functions and the richness of its universe have been criticized by some.

According to this mysterious stranger, Kinu Reeves Johnny Silverhand is not the studio’s first choice to play. Chilean Murphy (Peeky Blinders) Their first idea, and The character was very crazy and aphrodisiac then.

This “insider” talks about the morale of the teams and the delay of important reefs or the abandoned idea of ​​getting drugged kids on the streets of Night City.

Photo by Chilean MurphyOK

C.D. The project was not quiet and he quickly denied the rumors. In a Twitter post, the studio says everything is wrong and that it is too complicated to close:

“Normally we would not comment on rumors, but this time we wanted to make an exception because this story is not true.”

Why walk at this time and make the matter believable by adding fuel to the fire? On Twitter, the question splits, and the broken trust between gamers and the studio doesn’t help. After all, it is no secret that growth Cyberpunk 2077 Done in pain, Especially in the last months of production (Popular crisis, which caused controversy Our Last – Part II This year).

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Polish Studio, which recently changed its internal policy (especially bonuses and competition in teams), is now subject to misleading legal action regarding the quality of investors. Cyberpunk 2077. So a lot of players will want to be on their guard in this matter and frankly, we are not going to criticize them.

It remains to be seen whether the release day will be saved on the PS5, and Help the 2021 CD project regain control of their monster.