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Download speeds on 5G across 15 global markets are shown in this image provided by Opensignal on Monday. (Opensignal)

S. Korea’s 5G download speeds globally: Report

Download speeds on 5G in 15 global markets are shown in this image provided by OpaSignal on Monday. (Open space)

South Korea has the world’s fastest 5G download speed, reaching 350 megabytes per second (MBbps), a report showed Monday.

The country’s 5G download speed averages 351.2 Mbps, Saudi Arabia 272.8 Mbps and Taiwan 247.7 Mbps, according to a report by Industrial Supervisor Opacional. Networks.

This is a result of South Korea’s improvement from an earlier report by OpenSignal in October, which found the country’s 5G download speed to be the second fastest in the world after Saudi Arabia.

South Korea, the first country to commercialize the latest generation network in April last year, had less than 10 million 5G users at the end of October, accounting for 14 percent of the country’s total 70 million mobile subscriptions.

However, South Korean 5G users spent 24.6 percent of their time connecting to the network, 29 percent more than Kuwait and 27.8 percent in Saudi Arabia, the OpenSignal report said.

South Korea has not yet commercialized the full version of 5G, which requires the support of past-generation networks such as 4G LTE.

The country’s three largest mobile carriers have pledged to spend up to $ 25.7 trillion ($ 23.3 billion) by 2022 to upgrade network infrastructure and establish 5G coverage nationwide. (Yonhop)

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