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The streamer who broke the subscriber record in Twitch switches to YouTube

The streamer who broke the subscriber record in Twitch switches to YouTube

Over the past two years, streaming sites have achieved Unimaginable size estimates, Simply breaking the record. The truth is, of course, about the epidemic that led millions of people around the world to start entering this world by finding streamers on Twitch but on YouTube. For some time now, the Amazon operating system and Google They challenge each other and try to catch some influencers Able to attract as many viewers as possible Will inevitably increase revenue. These days, a big twitch streamer seems to have left the site to embrace YouTube.

Talking about Ludwig Agren, Especially popular and important in the United States, mainly known as a eSports Commentator. Although this news is very inappropriate in some respects it should be pointed out that this is a big blow to the YouTube company. Pull Is more than Three million followers are connected.

To testify to this passage, an interesting video released by the same streamer that was in some ways really cynical. While this may seem like a direct attack on Twitch, Ludwig seems to have enjoyed on stage the short cut scene he wants to be the best for his future. It should be noted that the 25-year-old on the Amazon platform broke the record of all subscribers and was considered one of the cornerstones. 283,066 peak.

Ludwig is the last on the list to switch from Twitch to YouTube. Something is going on, maybe due Awesome purple stage controls It stops many even in our country. So let’s see what happens in the future, the truth is, Amazon loses the most important person, and it won’t even be the last. Let us know your opinion with the comment below in the dedicated section.

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