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The stock of the new F-Zero is for sale, not for everyone

The stock of the new F-Zero is for sale, not for everyone

From time to time, stocks of new games that have never been sold are discovered and put up for sale to the delight of collectors and retro gamers. While this is usually a question of less interest and celebrity titles, this unexpected sale may also be the main focus. The case of the day is proof of this.

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As we usually tell you, retro games, especially new retro games made by Nintendo, are now selling for gold. But good deals can be found from time to time. This is why the sale started today on the French publisher / reseller site Pixelheart There is something to attract attention.

In fact, Pixelheart A “Dead stock“500 pieces of the Italian Super Nintendo version of F-Zero (hence the PAL version). Today he sells these copies for 49.90 euros per unit. To put pressure on the undecided, the store explains that once these 500 copies are sold, there will be none.restock. “It makes more sense than the game in question here.

Need to go fast

Note to those who are not looking for a very attractive or copy of the game These new copies are not in the blister packs. Pixelheart supplies them in a protective plastic box. In addition, since these games have been in stock for almost a quarter of a century, there may be small traces in some boxes.

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At the time of writing, more than 300 copies are already available. No wonder these are sold out in the coming hours. Interested people are warned here. However, this kind of situation makes one wonder what kind of treasures can still be hidden in “forgotten” warehouses around the world.

What motivates you to sell this surprise? Can you explode? Is the game not a blister pack a break? Tell us all in the comments below?