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The solar crown will be racing via Hong Kong from September 2022 •

The solar crown will be racing via Hong Kong from September 2022 •

It still takes up to the test drive.

New Test Drive Unlimited Release Date Available!

Test Drive Unlimited: The Solar Crown will launch on September 22, 2022, so it will be a while until then.

However, in the new cinema trailer, the location of the latest episode was given: this time it is going to Hong Kong.

KT, Racing Sports Director and Creative Director Amari Paris and Alain Giornio provided some more details. For example, they have revealed the names of the rival clans that are at the center of the solar crown conspiracy.

Roads and Sharps are said to be clans. You join one of them and try to climb in the rankings over time.

During Nagan Connect, Giorgio and Peiris referred to this game as an MMO, and in the open world you can leave the streets and drive wherever you want. The solar crown takes you to the surrounding area beyond the city limits.

Unfortunately, there is no real game out of racing at this time.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will be available on September 22, 2022 for PC, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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