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The "sheriff" unloads delays in the fight against coyotes in hospitals and hospitals

The “sheriff” unloads delays in the fight against coyotes in hospitals and hospitals

Cattansaro New character of Nino Spurlin. Wearing the star of the regional council executive sheriff, Govt 19 hunts down criminals for delaying emergency administration, identifying them at health and hospital institutions and not spending the vast amount of funds available to make recruits. And modifying the structures – do not even upload data on vaccines, like Villa Bianca in Canterbury, which helps Calabria drop down the national rankings.

Spurlin (multiple) editions at Villa Bianca

Report by Danilo Mandilion

“Why shouldn’t companies hire?”

On the brink of a Blitz-experiment at Villa Bianca, Spirley is made up of a river of indictments and strikes at zero altitude. The Calabria region – the executive chairman of the regional council, says he answers questions from the press – has provided millions of shrines to make recruitments, and ASPs and hospitals have not been hired. There is money, there are millions in the treasures of ASPs and hospitals. They should tell us why they did not hire doctors, nurses, Oz, technicians and I would like to know why and why they got paid. So, all that needed to be done was done. Cards in hand. Now I want to know why. For me – added by Spilla – we have reached the concentration point, I want to know what happens because there is money, there are structures. Since I am on track every day, between the vaccination campaign and this week’s emergencies, I feel that something is not working.

“That’s why 77% of vaccines are not genuine.”

Another complaint from Spurley: «Another insult will be revealed today because I will never stop. I confirmed last night that 23,000 vaccines had not yet been reported on stage. We have cards, all of which are recorded on paper, but from paper to computer they have not been reported for weeks. So we’re in that 77-78%, which is not true. I want to inquire because I want to know, with the names of people, who did not do what he was supposed to do, who did not do what he was supposed to do because I believe he should go home. that is enough. This time – Spurley argued – there is no longer a chance to be patient. I want to understand why companies don’t do it, and now that is enough, because otherwise it seems that bone breakers have to go to the stage to trim from all sides. I do not want to justify Commissioner Lango or my person or the people who work with us, but here, too, it is not possible to have a clue pointing out the meat following what is being done in Rome and all four. And then there’s someone in the regions who does not know why – I hope it’s not for the sake of preparing an election campaign, because it stinks – they did not do what they were supposed to do. “” Today is enough day. ” Guido defends other institutional subjects such as Lango. However, for the sake of truth, there are those who remember that the leaders of the health and hospital companies appointed them as commissioners under contract with Spirley … (ac)