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New IKEA Trotfree Lamps Available Now!

New IKEA Trotfree Lamps Available Now!

We recently received the new IKEA Trotfree lamps, which were initially available in Austria and now in Germany.

New Trotfree fiber and frosted glass lantern lamps are now available

It was not long before Kareem left it Announced IKEA has introduced new models of its Trotfree filament lightbulbs in Austria. Now models with E27 and E14 sockets are also available from us in Germany. You can order them at the store or at the IKEA online store.

Smart light source, you can dim without wire, each with a brightness of 250 lumens. According to IKEA, shiny wire, stained glass and warm light should be reminiscent of the past. The lights can be integrated into your homekit. Each of the light bulbs is 99 7.99

There are two new frosted glass models in the Tritfree series. These provide a maximum of 470 lumens and E27 socket brightness. Of course, you can integrate them into the homekit system via the Trotfree Gateway. New frosted glass lamps are charged at 99 12.99 each.

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