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The Sega Yugos team reveals the most popular games in the series

The Sega Yugos team reveals the most popular games in the series

Sonic the Hedgehog is at the top! (Image:

The Sega Yugos line for the Nintendo Switch officially ended in August Duke two.

So, what are the most popular games in the end? According to the Sega Yuga Committee (courtesy of a translation) They are dino), In addition to sales, Virtue Racing Got a lot of “biggest answers” ​​in Japan, though both Puyo Puyo The games were also well received.

Abroad, it is mixed – but in terms of sales, Sonic thorn pig “So far” is huge. Run out The region’s second favorite (especially in Europe) and Virtue Racing was very popular on social media.

Significantly, Fantasy Zone In terms of the number of tweets it has generated, Virtue has proven to be more popular than racing.

In the end, a total of 19 games were added to the Sega Yuga lineup. Although no mention has been made of the follow-up series types, in an interview prior to August, Seka’s Yosuk Okunari said the team hopes to re-release past titles in Switzerland.

Suyoshi Matsuoka (on behalf of M2) previously noted that emulation experts still have “many other topics” for the port and how they would like to personally view Seka’s “full history of interactive games”.

What is your favorite sport in the Sega Yuga lineup at Switch Eashop? Leave a comment below.

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