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Active Neurons 3 - Wonders of the World (Nintendo Switch) - Lu Test

Active Neurons 3 – Wonders of the World (Nintendo Switch) – Lu Test

Here we come back with the 3rde Opus of this series of games based on puzzles or sober puzzles. Like the first two games, Active Neurons 3 features simple games with soothing music in a clean universe. This is a great game to relax because it gives players a game without any frustration.

What is a series of active neurons?

It is a small sober puzzle game in which the movements of a small white square to reach an end point and thus complete the level. Each level has minimal decoration in 2D, even non-existent: i.e. a kind of floor with light colors (mainly white / gray) on a black background. You need to move a bright white square using simple motion: that is, to give it a direction, your square will stop at the first obstacle it faces. First, you only need to use the level layout of each level, and then as you go, use more and more complex dynamics.

The game relies mainly on the dynamics of the game to deliver different and addictive puzzles to its level design and player. All with minimal graphics and beautiful, ultra-sober soundtrack. A good combination to enslave players.

In order not to frustrate the player, there is a help for each level, which will show the solution, through a video, and immediately try to reproduce it.

Every opus is based on these criteria and Active Neurons 3 – Wonders of the World are no exception.

These are the 3rd innovationse opus d’Active neurons

You will understand, the series is always based on the same solid foundations. Depending on the player, you may or may not like it. If you do not like the first games, go your own way, because we find some improvements or similar with different game dynamics.

The first improvement comes from the skin of this new album. In fact, a little introduction to the purpose of software and its name: Basically, activating your neurons allows you to do great things. Then small dark animated backgrounds: small petals that still fall like snow on a black background. These little additions bring a little life to the whole game, which until now was a little empty because the animation was done only by the compulsion of the colors of the different modes of the game. So a good point for this third part of the game. Series. .

The idea of ​​making the game a little more lively does not stop there, because at the end of each level, we are happy to read a little phrase encouragement or congratulations. It’s a little nothing, but it’s so sweet.

The music is always so sweet and soothing, it wants to allow the game to play with background music while working.

Regarding the difficulty of the algorithms, let’s say it starts a little higher than the first opus. So it offers players a little more interesting puzzles. If we were to define the theme for this new game, we would say “mutual aid”: in most cases, one or two modules can be controlled at the same level, one allowing the other to finish the game. This is so awesome.

Concrete Level Game Play, Act.

The game contains 140 new puzzles to solve with new dynamics, which sometimes need to create a paragraph. Players who have already played the first games will find the current instructions provided here less than previous games, which target players of earlier versions rather than newer versions. But don’t worry, the game is very accessible and you will understand all the proposed algorithms even if it makes sense to understand the solution in stages 1 or 2 in less than 5 minutes or just do the tests and restart them.

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It has all the strengths and fastest side of the game series with its minimal graphics and pleasant music and audio support.