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The second biggest data breach in a week

The second biggest data breach in a week

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Again millions of private data were published on the Internet. This time they were collected in large numbers on LinkedIn’s business network.

According to CyberNews, strangers collect personal data from half a billion center users and now sell them on the hacker forum. The data should include names, email addresses, phone numbers and information about the employer. Loud Cybernews Unknown sponsors provide evidence that two million user data actually hold information.

Center A report explains that while data may contain information that is publicly available on a site, additional information may be included from other sources. “This is not a center data leak. We have not been able to verify any personal center member data,” the statement said.

The second biggest data breach in a week

One recently Large amounts of Facebook user data are generally placed on the web Was. In addition to the millions of email addresses, there are more than half a billion phone numbers. Further Facebook It was claimed after the release that the data was not stolen from a hack, but was accessed via a function to import contacts. Facebook disabled the option in September 2019.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It already exists on Facebook Issued a rejection And says the company cannot say for sure who is affected by the leak. Since data from a Facebook leak is publicly available, you can use at least one online tool to verify yourself Is your phone number below that?.

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