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In 15 years, the Jurassic Park could be created in the real world

In 15 years, the Jurassic Park could be created in the real world

The co-founder of Neuralink estimates that it could build a real dinosaur park in 15 years.

Credit: Universal Pictures

“We can create Jurassic Park if we want”. It only took a few words for Max Hodge to cause a stir among all the fans of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster on Twitter. In his message, who is with Elon Musk The founding of a company called Neuralink actually mocked an amazing improvement. Nevertheless, it will take time to accomplish this feat, “It may take 15 years to breed and engineering to get new super exotic species”, Says Hotak.

Moreover, Max Hodge goes further in the second tweet, in which he explains that mankind must find ways to create new biodiversity and not be satisfied with preserving what exists.

As a reminder, Neuralink was founded in 2017 by Elon Musk and Max Hotak. Its goal: to create one Human-machine interface Based on a brain implant to treat people with disabilities or Alzheimer’s disease. The company has already been successful in getting the results of some animals like monkeys or the like Pigs, Especially. There are still a few ways to go from there to cloning an extinct organism. But above all “Life will always find a way”, Yes itself?

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While waiting for this future – whether jealous or not, when giving the end of the pictures – you can always step back This new collection of Jurassic Park shoes from Reebok. They may help you run faster when you are chased by a few velociraptors in this futuristic park, who knows?