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9.153 personnes sont hospitalisées pour Covid-19, dont 1.745 en soins critiques selon Santé publique France.

Covid: Contaminants in the “high plateau” are increasing dramatically in hospitals in France

“The health crisis is not behind us. We will live with this virus for many more months,” Emmanuel Macron warned during the new Security Council on Wednesday morning. The head of state insisted The “dramatic” nature of the situation in the Antilles, which records the highest incidence rates. Across the country, the epidemic situation is less dire.

The case curve is flat. The number of daily victims continues to rise, but is lower than in July. According to the Public Health France, the incidence rate was 235 per 100,000 people on August 7, an increase of almost 4% in seven days ( He progressed 17% in the last week of July and 94% in the previous week). The reproduction rate of the virus continued to decline, from 1.27 to 1There is August this Wednesday at 1.22pm

28,576 positive cases were identified by the Public Health France on Tuesday. Between 1There is On August 7, pollution increased by 4%, with an average of 22,500 positive cases per day. “We are on a high plateau, slightly higher,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal admitted. We have not yet seen the beginning of the descent, but we are seeing the impact on hospitals. “

Coastal areas are particularly affected

Important maintenance combinations Compared to last week, it has increased by 30%. Currently, 9,153 people have been hospitalized for Covit-19, of which 1,745 are in intensive care. The hospital has not been able to reach the 9,000-strong bar since the end of June.

Coastal areas are particularly affected. Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday stressed the “worrying situation” in the regions of Provence-Alpes-C டிte d’Azur, Corsica and Occitania. In all three regions , And in New Aquitaine from Tuesday, the White Project allows hospitals to mobilize all available means to cope with the increase in hospitals.

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“Nursing staff vacations, especially on the Mediterranean coast, are not easy to manage,” explains the epidemiologist and head of the parasitic service at APHP, Renaud Piarroux. Despite these figures, hospitals are overflowing Martinique or Guadeloupe “It seems so impossible in metropolitan France”, according to him.

Are hospitals closed soon?

Renaud Piarroux expects the vaccine to continue at its current rate. “Where more than half of the population has been vaccinated, the recurrence of the disease is not as severe as in previous hospitalizations,” he estimates.

Her analysis was not shared by Catherine Hill. The Institute’s Gustave-Roosey epidemiologist compares the current situation in early October 2020, shortly before the second wave, with “a rapid increase in hospitalization, intensive care, and mortality.” According to her, the vaccine is not enough to prevent a wave like the previous one. “The delta variant is more contagious than previous strains, although it has spread to only 22 million people who have not been vaccinated,” the epidemiologist warns.