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Nintendo meets smartphone: Samsung designer creates sharp parts

The Samsung designer has a great idea

Nowadays, modern cell phones often act as a viable alternative to the combo. However, real gamers are not entirely happy because of the lack of innovative game controls. However, Nintendo knows its way. A talented Samsung designer promoted a great idea.

One thinks that Nintendo, A fall in the last few years Unusual operating ideas A. The Wii has been a huge success for many years, and the current switch excites players around the world – mobile and stable. And smartphones? First choice for “normal gamers” because it will always be with you. However, control is not innovative. The touch screen is well known and is not a specialty of the first iPhone first motion sensors. More has to happen, right?

Samsung designer designs Nintendo style game controllers

He may have the same intention South Koreans Juan Lee And designed a very sharp part. Lee is not just any “entertainment designer”, he has been working directly for two years As a product designer at Samsung. But apart from his work, there are always new projects that are not directly related to Samsung. His latest design: Of “ICON” Game Controller. Its shape, form and function are reminiscent of its Nintendo counterparts.

Icon with thumb control is reminiscent of older Nintendo controllers (Image: Juan Lee)

Of Basic and above all modular system Designed as follows: In a box that also acts as a smartphone holder, you will find Two controllers – Each to the left and right hand. They can be kept for free, each reminiscent of the “poison” of the Nintendo Wii. The special thing is the flexible approach. That’s how controllers take one Collection of different games On top of that Freely selected and integrated Could be.

Full commitment without touching the scene, you can definitely connect a TV wirelessly (Image: Juan Lee)

Mobile and standard application à La Switch

But that’s not all Articles Works independently of ICON’s controllers. So this is possible Directly on the touch screen Smartphone and use it as a gamepad.

Suitable for mobile use (Image: Juan Lee)

The The idea is almost trivial, but still unique. The controllers are used in standard use just like the switch. During the trip, you can simply leave them on and use the adhesive compotes directly.

Well, this is how it started … Awesome today:

In fact, it is unfortunate if the idea is only in the draft stage. But Juan Lee’s current boss will still enjoy it. There were Definitely an asset to Samsung And that may bring some momentum to smartphone sales, which have been declining somewhat recently. Nintendo’s unique games are still missing, but have been reviewed in the past.