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The RPG of the day was the perfect mix between Castlevania and the Dark Souls

The RPG of the day was the perfect mix between Castlevania and the Dark Souls

From December 16, the Epic Games Store offers its subscribers a new game every day until the end of the month. Here, Sober environment Moving out, A cooperative game that you need to move as soon as possible. Back to the dark today in a release Walkway / 2D RPG was created for the unfortunate dungeon RPG fans.

A mixture between Castlevania And Dark souls

This new free game offered by Epic Games is called Salt and Sanctuary, An operating system game with a strong RPG accent, players can upgrade their equipment with blacks as they can already create their favorite class (Hello) Dark Souls), And increase their size.

It will, therefore, be a question of exploring the island that is trapped and trying in the cursed realm of forgotten cities, bloody dungeons and desecrated monuments. Allows the gold and salt character found with the enemy corpses to form, thus advancing in adventure. Salt and Sanctuary Inspired by the license Castlevania In its most vertical approach, the result is that the animal and its forces are required to cross certain zones, but Souls of FromSoftware. This is due to its difficulty and the need to illuminate the backup areas.

Be careful, think dual identity

As always, picking up a game from the Epic Games Store can be problematic. But no worries, be sure, it is very simple on the side of the dual identity required to return. In fact, here is a step-by-step process to follow:

  • Log in to your account Epic Games Store website And go to Settings
  • Click the “Password and Security” tab
    Enable two-factor authentication
  • Choose between authentication or email or SMS authentication according to your preferences
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As for the next free gameEpic Games Store, To find out its identity, wait until 5pm on December 30th.