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The PS5 Nintendo Switch can be recharged, but it is better not to – Nert 4.Life

User Reddit, Such as adhaas85, shared an interesting finding with others in the r / PS5 community: is it possible Load Nintendo Switch Via Sony Home Console. PlayStation 5, With one of the two USB inputs, you can connect it to the switch dock using the USB-C cable to the Kyoto home gaming machine.

In theory, it could play with a console connected to a TV via HDMI: The Restorer However, it does not appear to have carried out this type of testing or at least did not share information on the matter. Anyway, We do not recommend Try this type of recharge with your Nintendo Switch and PS5.

The PS5 can recharge the Nintendo Switch

It is known Nintendo Switch He was the most “collector” in USB-C charging and there were reports at the beginning of the console’s life cycle that third-party chargers and cradles could cause serious problems on the console due to faulty glass. The PS5 is not for recharging the Nintendo Switch, so it is safe not to test it if you do not want to endanger both consoles.

Anyway, this is an interesting one Curiosity. Nintendo, which has been relying on this issue, announced the Nintendo Switch (OLED) yesterday: GameStopping pres opened bookings for 349.98.

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