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Olly Olly World was announced by the private sector and Roll 7 • Nintendo Connect

OlliOlli World sketet am 8. February 2022 on Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Switch fans fly frantically inside Ollioli world Through the vibrant, vibrant world of Rotlandia. In search of enlightenment, they grind and trick to find the magic skater gods. You will travel the pleasant world like crazy, mastering tasks and challenges and making new friends. Game PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | Also appears on S, Xbox One and PC.

Jump and slide through the colorful and vibrant Rotlandia. Meet the crazy guys as you use Grinds, Tricks and Air to find the mysterious skater gods in search of Gnarvana.

Travel to the world of love and madness in search of tasks and challenges and meet new friends. Explore non-linear levels and customize the look of your character, your tricks and your style as you play in your own style. Challenge the world in leagues in millions of divisible levels or challenge a friend to do your best tricks. No matter how simple, but complex the game is, it offers endless freedom and immerses you in OlliOlli World’s regular running gaming style.

Ollioli world This is the third installment in the acclaimed series of award-winning independent studio Roll7.

Key Features:

  • Welcome to Rotlandia !: Travel to a skateboarding paradise full of interesting characters and colorful places for you to explore. Speed ​​up the inflated lane or Las Valkas, discover new paths, new side missions, opportunities for blatant rewards and epic tricks. The whole thing is with a carefully selected collection from IDM and Electronica.
  • Play at your level: Precise controls and optimal camouflage ensure a balanced ride. Not a professional? No problem – Ollioli world It welcomes you with open arms and allows new players to slide through the streets and pull method craps without breaking their noses on the sidewalk. What do you think you need? Master millions of unique levels in Sandbox mode or compete in leagues against competitors around the world, with a complex combo system with over 100 moves to reach your high score.
  • Free development: Travel to Radlandia’s Epic Skate Sanctuary and unleash special rewards and demonstrate your skills to customize your character’s looks, tricks and style. Want to glide on your flip flops? Go ahead. Wear a bumblebee suit … why not … do your thing. In Ollioli world Everything is allowed when you are in the group!

Advance orders for fast play are available starting today Nintendo eShop Possibility.

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