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Netflix will automatically download the content you want

Netflix will automatically download the content you want

– Christian Tina /

From now on, the streaming site will allow you to download serials and movies that you enjoy. “Download for you” is only available on smartphones.

We already know about live downloads of series and movies on smartphones. In fact, you can download the entire episode of your favorite series and watch it offline. However, Netflix is ​​announcing a new feature: “Download for you”.

This time it will be your Netflix app that will automatically download the series and movies according to the calculation of the recommended protocol. As a result, subscribers using the smartphone app no ​​longer have to search for what to download, and Netflix will do just that for them. This way, you can find content that you enjoy not being attached.

Of course, this feature can be enabled or disabled at any time. Additionally, you can reduce the amount of data you can download from 0.5 to 9.5 GB. It only works with a WiFi connection, and at the moment this feature is only available on Android. But it should come to iOS soon.

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