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The PS5 remake of The Last of the S, has no sequel to the days gone by

The PS5 remake of The Last of the S, has no sequel to the days gone by

Based in San Diego, the Visual Arts Service Group has been supporting PlayStation Studios’ largest production in all art forms in the shadows for many years. In recent years, after looking at some CVs on LinkedIn and explaining some of the job opportunities, fans have decided that a new full-fledged development team has emerged from this group and that its official announcement is only a matter of time. The Bloomberg article tells us that this would actually have been the case under Michael Mumbauer, the founder of the Visual Arts Service Group. However, as a result of the inability to accept Zombie Interactive Entertainment as a full-fledged development studio, the former, who had dreamed of gaining autonomy and joining the PlayStation studio, left the ship. His companions like the naughty dog, Santa Monica or Sucker Punch.

PS5 remake of The Lost of S with the quality of The Lost of S Part II

Jason Schreier’s survey of eight former members of the team reveals that the Visual Arts Service Group’s first idea was to remake the first film Unmarked. Although very ambitious, the idea was set aside in favor of a remake of the most recent game, i.e. the first Last for us. The initial plan is to deliver the latter on the PS5, offering a graphic and playful quality at the height of the second episode, released in June 2020. Since then, plans have changed, and the naughty dog ​​seems to have finally taken over the development of his remake of the game, the Visual Arts Service team regained its role as a support group, failing to convince Herman Hulst. The project would have been considered too expensive considering the recruitment requested by Michael Mumbawar, director of PlayStation Studios, and the costs created by the new graphics engine for the PS5. As a result, a large portion of the naughty dog’s large staff will still be busy today at this first change Last for us, PlayStation Productions and HBO will begin filming an adaptation of the same game as a TV series.

At Bent Studios, Days Con will not be followed

According to Jason Schreier, the inability of the Visual Arts Service Group to establish itself as a new AAA studio reflects the cautious and conservative side of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s management, which wants to give its trust and money to teams it already relies on. Proof Blockbusters, Letting most of the works of his Japan studio. But unpleasant surprises can also occur in studios that are considered to have proven themselves adequately. Bloomberg thus reveals, despite considerable business success The days went by, Bend Studio did not get the green light to create a sequel due to the mixed critical reception and the time spent developing the game. A revelation with the surprising departures of John Carwin and writer and director Jeff Carwin and Jeff Rose. The days went by.

So that’s what Bend Studio has been up to since its release The days went by In the spring of 2019? According to Bloomberg sources, part of the studio called Naughty Dog to help with their multiplayer project, while another part was in charge of producing a new one. Unmarked Under the supervision of the naughty dog, put them back. A stand that was unanimous within the studio feared that the naughty dog ​​would suck enough to ask to be removed from the project. Unmarked. According to Jason Schreier, Bent Studio fulfilled its wish last month and is now focusing on its own project (in addition to confirming the PC port The days went by Expected this summer). To be clear, there is currently no sign of a new chapterUnmarked The feature is still in development, despite the film’s upcoming release and each new episode selling better than its predecessors.

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