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Intel "Sapphire Rapids-SP": 56 CPU cores with 350 watts of power consumption

Intel “Sapphire Rapids-SP”: 56 CPU cores with 350 watts of power consumption

Intel’s next Zion processor development for servers and data centers will appear with 56 CPU cores, divided into four individual silicon chips. This emerges from an overview released by Intel. Also mentioned: 80 PCI Express 5.0 paths, eight DTR5 memory channels and optional HPM2E stack memory up to 64GB on the processor carrier.

High-speed models come with a thermal design power (DTP) of 350 watts. For comparison: the Ice Lake-SP uses 40 CPU cores with a maximum of 270 watts of DTP. Both series rely on Intel’s 10-nanometer output, but use the upgraded version of Sapphire Rapids-SP. There is a slide with supposed profiles for Sapphire Rapids-SP Website Video Cards Published. The information is in line with previous rumors.

Specifications of Intel’s Sapphire Rapids-SP with 56 CPU cores.

(Image: Video Cards)

The RAM clock should be conservative at 2400 MHz (DTR 5-4800) at the beginning of the DTR5 generation. Processor types with HBM2e stock memory in the package with a buffer of 1 TByte / s intended to accelerate bandwidth-limited applications. Based on PCIe 5.0, Intel wants to support the Compute Express Connection (CXL) transmission protocol, for example GPU. Connect the accelerators.

Increase the transfer rate between the upgraded Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI) processor and chipset to 11.2 to 16 Gt / V, which may help with the use of multiple connected (SST) data carriers.

In early February 2021 “Yuuki-ANS” was shown in various forums Photos of the alleged Sapphire Rapids CPU, Which consists of four unique silicon chips. They each have to carry 14 computing cores. Unlike AMD’s Epic 7002 (ROM) and Epic 7003 (Milan) server processors or the Raison 3000/5000 desktop off-shoots, the central I / O is not dead.

Intel’s upcoming server processors will have four CPU deaths. Additionally, there is an optional HBM2e stack memory and Ultra FPGA to protect the BIOS code.

(Image: Yuki-ANS, via LinusTechtips Forum)

Due to PCIe 5.0 and DDR5, Intel again required a newer version of the CPU, apparently called the LGA-4677. The only new LGA 4189 offered for the Ice Lake-SP was the one with only a short time left. Intel says it will be sending Sapphire Rapids models to partners from the end of 2020 – the presentation should take place in late 2021 or early 2022.


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