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The Pokemon Cafe remix gets a second chance very soon

The Pokemon Cafe remix gets a second chance very soon

You may remember Pokemon Cafe Mix, A Spiral The Pokemon series was announced a year ago and released on the Nintendo Switch Ishop and on Android and iOS devices Free to play. It’s a combination of running a cafe run by Pokemon and managing a puzzle game. Due to the lack of content and a certain consistency the game did not perform well, which led to the immediate closure of the game and the announcement of its redesign, which took some time to complete. It is now official, as it is called Pokemon Cafe Remix.

We always use the same concept of coffee management and puzzle games, but enrich everything. There will be no less than four game modes at this time: the main mode for observing orders from customers visiting the cafe, the second mode focuses more on solving puzzles with rewards, the third mode allows you to train Pokemon to improve their levels and, finally, allow you to take all the content of the original game and play it again in your spare time Once.

The overall balance of the game was revised. Intolerance system introduced to control progress in game content (not in the original version). At each level there will be several level difficulties. The dynamics of the megaphone, which is a bonus that allows you to remove certain lines from the board, can connect up to four applications simultaneously to increase its power tenfold. Since this is a level system that will be introduced in this version the interaction of each Pokemon will no longer exist.

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All improvements made in the original game are placed within these limits: Pokemon recruitment, virtual currency purchased through the Game Store and free access to the game, all identical items, friends list, team member, and unopened gifts. What’s more, new Pokemon will be added over time, including Mev at the start of this new version. Additionally, you do not have to download a new app but upgrade the game to switch from Mix to Remix.

Pokemon Cafe Remix Coming out October 28 Free on Nintendo eShop and mobile via Android and iOS.