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Arcius takes you to the Hisui area Nintendo Connect

Arcius takes you to the Hisui area Nintendo Connect

Welcome to Hisui Region, Coach. Newly discovered Pokemon and regional formats and an exciting new gaming experience awaits you Pokemon Legends: Arcius! You can watch the latest trailer below:

In Pokemon Legends: Arcius Players embarked on an adventure in Chinno of the past – even before the area was known by that name. Back then it was still called the Hisui area, and humans and Pokமொmon rarely lived here in harmony.

Details about the newly revealed Pokemon and the game:

As a member of the galaxy you will visit the bustling settlement of Zufeldorf, which serves as your base. When the soldiers get a mission, they will leave this village to explore one of the many areas in the Hisui region. After the inspections, you will return to Zபெfeldorf to prepare for the next task. If you leave the village of Zufeldorf and start exploring, one of the practical basic camps will always be your first stop.

A base camp often serves as a starting point for players. However, these basic camps are more than just starting points – players can explore and relax to give their Pokமொmon team a little rest. Products can be produced in the warehouse workshop. If you take too much damage, be it from a wild Pokmon or a deep waterfall, you may not be able to continue your study. So don’t be irresponsible if you are in danger, instead use basic camps during your inspections.

During their adventure, the players will work to complete Bocodex in this region and increase their membership quality on the Galactic voyage. You will find interesting characters and unique Pokமொmon living in Hisui.

Type: Multi-ended Pokemon
Size: 1.8 m
Weight: 95.1 kg
Type: Normal + Psychiatric

In Hizb ut-Tahrir, TomHyreplex may develop into Dmitry. With black balls on its horns, this Pokemon creates psychological forces powerful enough to disrupt space.

Type: Big Fish Pokemon
Size: 3.0 m
Weight: 110.0 kg
Type: Water + Vapor

A perch living in the Hisui region may grow into Salmagnis, which, if captured by other Perch souls in its school, lost its lives on the difficult journey. Salmagnis draws strength from souls, which allows them to swim tirelessly.

In Hisui-Washak
Type: Battlecry Pokemon
Size: 1.7 m
Weight: 43.4 kg
Category: Psycho + Plane

If Geronimats grow in the Hisui area, it will become in the Hisui-Washak. Hisui-washak can create powerful shock waves by filling his shocking screams with psychological forces. With the help of its psychological powers, it sharpens its sixth sense and thus engages itself in a trance that improves its physical abilities.

Type: Scout Pokemon
Size: 0.8 m
Weight: 22.7 kg
Type: Fire + Rock

This is the origin of Fukano in the Hisui area. Its Hisui form has longer, longer hairs than the Fukano form previously discovered. Hisui-Fukano are very alert and can often be seen patrolling their territory in pairs.

Pokemon Legends: Arcius You can pre-order at Nintendo EShop. As a bonus for early buyers, players can get an outfit reminiscent of Hisui-Fukano in the game.

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