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The Nintendo Switch online application is finally getting a big update

The Nintendo Switch online application is finally getting a big update

The official Nintendo Switch online application has finally received improvements thanks to version 2.0. The biggest changes are especially about the management of friends.

Nintendo Switch Online Application // Source: Nintendo

Kyoto Introduces Mobile Processor Nintendo Switch Online Since creating the dedicated service for playing online Nintendo-Switch. For many years, these apps have been, it must be admitted, not widely used by players. This allows you to start voice chat, especially during online play with friends, as this function is not integrated directly into the hybrid console.

That being said, the application is mostly used for such games Splatoon 2 (Consider its statistics for example) and Animal Crossing: New Horizons (For format table and Chat with friends) The third game supported by the app Super Smash Brothers. UltimateYou can download courses created by other players.

What’s new in the update

With version 2.0, the application first benefited from a change in its interface and its design. As you already did on the console – you can now see exactly what friends are online and what they are playing. You can also change your status (online / offline) and see who you are online with. Finally, you’ve got access to your friend code, and you can share it very easily.

While upgrades are always welcome, it must be admitted that there is still a little extra value to that use. It is mainly used for its voice chat functions during online games.

The official Nintendo Switch online application is free and available Google Games As well as onAppStore.

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