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Nintendo Direct: Big meets me tomorrow at midnight

Nintendo has announced that the new Nintendo Direct will take place on September 23-24 at midnight. Big N talks about upcoming switch games “This Winter” When “About 40 minutes”.

Nintendo has made an appointment for a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow evening. Rumors have been circulating in recent days about a new “live” event, and the video game company is getting ready to launch. OLED version of the switch. Get this new model From October 8th And Big has decided to focus again on games that expand my list His console This winter. The company actually promises directly “Focuses on Nintendo Switch games for about 40 minutes” Will be released in the coming months. No information has been mentioned about the content of this online event, but we already know that we need to be vigilant. Direct will begin at midnight on September 23-24, and will therefore end just before 1am.

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What announcements should we expect?

After E3, we can expect strong announcements from the Japanese company and a return to the calendar. Will be marked by release later this year Metroid fear On October 8, when the information about Metro Prime4 Is expected. Might even be about Splatoon3, Bioneta3 Or right Pokemon. Welcome to the Nintendo Switch Pokemon shining diamond And Glittering pearl On November 19th, a remake of the games Pokemon diamond And Pearl Released on DS in 2007.

The event can also be dedicated Zelda With possible ports The Wind Walker Where Twilight Princess. Players will also be watching what happens next. Wild breath. Mentioned during the gameE3 2021 And Nintendo has promised new information ahead of its 2022 release.There will be some surprises in the Big N series. Donkey Cong Who turned 40 this summer.

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Finally, we are waiting for more content Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Withdrawn in recent months, the fifth installment of the series will receive new features. Led by Nintendo of the United States, Doug Bowser had promised In June That company had 33 million people with islands are planned to ensure the future [dans le jeu] Have fun engaging in new activities “. While waiting for the event, we are reminded of the recent Nintendo Switch Compatible with Bluetooth audio.