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The Nintendo Switch online app hides a small Easter egg on your birthday

A little surprise from the new update

Among the many innovationsLatest Nintendo Switch System Update, Come to the version now 11.0.0, There is one New icon On the homepage that allows direct access to the subscription management menu Nintendo Switch Online. It did, despite the button’s graphics Turn someone’s nose For some users, within the application Some players They found one Really good surprise.

In the section dedicated to topics NES e SNES You may notice one Small cake icon Clicking on the cover of some games will cause a pop-up message to let you know that the particular title has been released The same month you were born. This is not a particularly useful feature, but babies born in the 80s and 90s are very good at looking back on their childhood memories. Nintendo Switch.

You already have it installed New update? Is there any game posted on The month you were born?

Toad-Birthday- nintendon.png

In the middle we remind you New features Update 11.0.0 Is Automatic download of SAMs from the cloud And possibility Quickly convert screen shots and videos su Smartphone tromite QR code or su USB via USB.

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