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Caligula Effect 2 is now available on the Nintendo Link

Caligula Effect 2 is now available on the Nintendo Link

NIS USA released today Calicula effect2 PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In the second part of the series, Go Home Club faces dangers in Redo, “Paradise” which is dominated by sad and obligatory musicians.

Sadness, a chastity, created the world of Redo to save people from their miserable past by locking them in a simulation without knowing it. However, this “paradise” is deeply shattered when the virtual idol named named infiltrates the virtual reality of grief and restores the memories of real world students. To escape from Redo, they call back to the Go Home Club, a protest group that is upset and challenges its executives, the Obligado musicians.


  • Welcome to Tatefushi Academy: Meet the new faces of the Go Home Club, whose memories have been restored by Virtuadoll. Assign more students to help challenge Virtuadoll, Sad and Obbligato-musicians and find your way out of the wrong world.
  • Escape from the fight: Use the imaginary chain to guess the moves of your enemies. With the right strategy and technique, you can gain an advantage in battle.
  • Unforgettable paradise: The Full Story of Personality Writer Dadashi Sadomi and Takuya Yamanaka. With a vibrant, vocal-inspired soundtrack, the world of redo becomes an incomparable place for all senses.

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