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The Nintendo Switch OLED also has Joy-Con slides

The Nintendo Switch OLED also has Joy-Con slides

Nintendo has unveiled a new model of its switch console. Unfortunately, the Joy-con controllers do not change, so the Joy-con will be subject to slippage.

The Nintendo Switch comes in Old White

Nintendo Switch comes in Old White // Source: Nintendo

After many months of rumors, Nintendo Switch OLED is official. While waiting for its release scheduled for the end of the year, we learn more about the most specific technical components. We know Its screen is better than other switch models, Despite the declining resolution. Thanks to the Nintendo website, we also know more about the controllers provided.

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Same Joy-Con

Nintendo’s official site is very self-explanatory:Joy-con controllers included with the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) are similar to those currently availables ”. So the company has not made any changes in the Joy-con controllers for this new OLED model.

The biggest advantage is that the controllers are compatible with the classic Nintendo Switch and vice versa. So there is no need to buy new parts. The Nintendo Switch OLED must be the same size as its cousin and compatible with all products designed for the switch. The only difference in Nintendo’s experience is that there must have been some toy-con parts from the Nintendo Lobo due to the change in screen size.

Same Joy-con drift

This means that Nintendo Switch OLED controllers should enjoy Joy-Con sliding just like all other switch consoles so far. Nintendo apologized in 2020, however Regarding this situation. As a reminder, Joy-con drift is an event that affects any Joy-con controller, which will gradually guide the analog stick to detect motion when nothing is present. Conclusion: Your writing will move across the screen without any action on your part. This can be painful in precision games such as a platform game for example.

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It should also be remembered that this is an industrial issue that affects other manufacturers. The The duality of the PS5 can be affected by a slip. However, it is difficult to quantify whether some manufacturers have more problems with sliding than others. Nintendo has often been at the center of this concern, and it is unfortunate that the company does not seem to be very effective in resolving it.

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