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The next game of the series will be Tom Henderson - the hero shooter for

The next game of the series will be Tom Henderson – the hero shooter for

According to a recent tip from Tom Henderson, a reliable reporter and source in this matter Battlefield, The next episode of the series will be in print “Hero shooter“, So with more care Experts And their characteristics.

As usual this is information to be taken with salt grain, this time Henderson also advises it, but in his opinion it coincides with the DICE’s latest internal revolution and the direction of the series with Battlefield 2042. You know, he abandoned the old notion of classes and introduced specialists, characters with unique abilities and character.

“The next battlefield should be a kind of hero shooter. It does not eliminate experts, but rather focuses more on this aspect. Battlefield 2042 will always be a stepping stone to a hero shooter with Battle Royale mode. ‘The idea was. The battlefield was designed in early 2042 as the Apex Legends-Inspired Battle Royale.

“I have to say it should definitely be taken with salt, but from all the announcements I’ve heard about this over the last two days, it makes perfect sense.”

For those who missed the latest news, yesterday EA announced the restructuring of the series, with Vince Chambella seizing the reigns of ownership, including various games played by different teams with the aim of creating a “connected universe” of battlefield. It also explores different types of experiences and past business models.