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The new "Simplified" Defamation Certificate is here to download to go to the restructured 16 fields

The new “Simplified” Defamation Certificate is here to download to go to the restructured 16 fields

The first edition of the two-page certificate was criticized for its complexity, with 15 reasons for leaving.

For the third time since the onset of the Kovit-19 epidemic, 16 departments have been controlled. Residents of L-D-France, Hots-de-France, Eurasia, the Alps-Maritime and Sean-Maritime must provide an exceptional travel certificate to leave again. Available on the Ministry of Home Affairs website. The jail term is being doubled by a curfew order, which is delayed from 6pm to 7pm across the national territory.

The first edition of the certificate, published online overnight from Friday to Saturday, was widely criticized for its lack of readability. The document, two pages long, with 15 reasons to exit and different mileage limits depending on the checkbox, was “complicated”, government spokesman PFMTV Kamil Size admitted this Saturday morning. Additionally, it is not immediately available in digital version.

Two new certification models

So two new “simplified” versions are now available on the Interior Ministry’s website. In the first case, It is valid under the “Curfew Order” in the evening and at night, “Across the National Territory”, a certificate applicable from 19 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Second, it is valid only in 16 limited fields, with “day” certification, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., for “trips over 10 kilometers”.

For trips around 10 kilometers from his home, a certificate is not required, but it will be sufficient to produce a “simple proof of address” such as an “identity document,” Madiknon said in a communications statement.

The head of government said that “travel between regions” is prohibited, except for compulsory or professional reasons, for residents of the 16 sectors involved.

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