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The new scam targets PayPal users

The new scam targets PayPal users

Fraudulent emails rely on urgency to achieve their end.

Be careful if you receive an email from PayPal in the next few days, it could be a fraudulent attempt. The online payment service is actually the victim of a new large-scale phishing campaign. Cybercriminals are once again appearing as PayPal in an attempt to recover personal and banking data from users of the service.

Email runs obviously in a hurry and fear to push its targets to click on the provided link. If the user’s account is limited and the latter is not verified within 48 hours, it will be closed permanently. He also claims that the amount of 49.99 will be withdrawn from his account. What motivates PayPal users to rush to troubleshoot is a scam that has actually been attempted.

While this type of fraud is not uncommon, the email sent can easily fool inexperienced internet users. Email is really an illusion. We find the PayPal logo, text, font and its structure to be “true”. But many traces can still chime in your ear. The email actually contains misspellings and the sender’s address is not real; Depending on the mail [email protected] or [email protected].

The phishing campaign is huge because emails are sent from multiple addresses that show a particular system on behalf of its authors.

If you receive this type of email, please do not rush. Log in to your account without checking the links provided in the email and check that everything is in order. We explain here How not to be fooled by these types of fraudulent emails.

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