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The best software for fast download

The best software for fast download

In addition to their web browser, many users choose to install a download manager, but why is that? Who are the best download managers?

As its name implies, a download manager is used to manage all the downloads you make while browsing the web (PDF files, software, etc.). However, as one might think, it does not allow downloading videos or audio files from streaming websites (such as YouTube). It generally allows you to improve download speeds, schedule downloads, automatically restart a download after link interruptions, and prioritize files for download in order. Available in paid or free version for Windows, Mac, Linux and sometimes Android, here are our top 3 download managers.

IDM (Internet Download Manager)

ITM, Abbreviation for Internet Download Manager, Criteria for Download Managers. Compatible with most popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.), only available in 30-day demo version for Windows computers. This can significantly increase the download speed of files by splitting the file into multiple parts and making multiple uploads at the same time.

Instead of downloading a large file, it downloads several smaller sections, which will load much faster. Downloads can be expedited and ITM can slow them down or schedule them. The user can specifically limit the bandwidth allocated for download, manage the priority order of files to be downloaded from the queue, or schedule downloads when your computer is not in use. Function, your video game session or the like.

Internet Download Manager
Web Download Manager © Tonec

Free Download Manager

Available for free and for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android systems, Free Download Manager is a free software with interesting features that support HTTP web protocols; HTTPS, FTP and FTPS, and torrent files. You do not need a separate Bittorrent client to download your torrent files, everything can be done from a single interface. Like ITM, it uses file splitting to improve download speeds and connects a planner to schedule downloads at the desired time. The software also handles the transfer of files in your Windows Explorer, but also in web browsers.

Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager © Free Download Manager


JDownloader provides highly practical management tools to enhance your downloads and save you time and bandwidth. Free and open for download for Windows, Mac and Linux, this software allows you to start, stop and pause downloads on the waiting list, and improve the speed of downloads by restricting the bandwidth assigned to them. An interesting option of automatic archive decompression (zip, RAR formats, etc.) is embedded in the software and a written authentication system that automates the insertion of captchas. JDownloader’s interface is very easy to use and has been translated into many languages. A plug-in system allows you to add new functions to existing ones. For example, you can plan to close the software and shut down your computer when all downloads are complete or create an automatic reconnect script.

JDownloader © JDownloader Team
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