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The new electric scooter, BMW Definition CE04, will be launched on July 7th

The new electric scooter, BMW Definition CE04, will be launched on July 7th

July 7 p.m. Lead to introduction A new electric scooter. The announcement came via a teaser shared on the German manufacturer’s social channels. Although the name of the new model is not explicitly mentioned, it is clearly seen in the short video EC Definition 04 of It was delivered As a comment last year. An electric scooter that was very inspired by its particular look at the time.

BMW claimed that its models were very close to the production model. In fact, after several months of no news, this scooter in May It was intercepted on the road During some testing. As we can see, the only real differences compared to the concept are the introduction of some elements required for synchronization, such as mirrors, reflectors, direction indicators and brake lights.

The specific design was developed to electrify the scooter, the manufacturer said Suitable for practical and urban travel. For example, thanks to the lower part of the battery and the fact that it is mounted on a small machine, this concept had a large load box containing helmets and other items. Let’s see if this feature is present in the product model as well.

That would be the most interesting thing to find Its technical data sheet. BMW had spent many words designing this concept, but said nothing about the powertrain. We know that this will be a vehicle designed for urban travel, to meet the needs of those who travel an average of 12km each day. Therefore, one should not expect particularly high profiles. Current BMW C Evolution, In the long-distance version, offers a range of up to 160 km. The new electric scooter will have similar mileage.

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At this point, we will have to wait a few more days to discover all the secrets of this particular new battery powered model.