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The councilor in charge, the mayor takes time, but does not download it

The councilor in charge, the mayor takes time, but does not download it

Carla Celli: “I will confront Miracca and her lawyer” Opposition strikes: “We need clarity, he must resign”


“I will see the councilor and his lawyer soon. To date I have not had any elements to change my attitude towards Francesca Miraca. This was the laconic comment from Mayor Paula Carla Celli the day after the end of the investigation into Francesca Miraca, who was accused of making promises of money, food parcels and jobs and the announcement of eight other announcements in return for the vote. Guarantee. Minorities are not satisfied and ask for immediate clarification: «The case is overweight – Civic group leader Pierre Ezio Gessie explodes -. There are definite elements identified by the lawyer. After former Mayor Barbie, Commissioner Miracca is now at the center of the judicial inquiry. But that is not the case. Eight more like him are involved in Vokaresi. In fact, an organization that could be punished for a crime promised assistance and jobs in exchange for a referendum. Vogersy is unworthy of these facts – adds Kessie – which, incidentally, involves center-right parties. We hope the judge’s verdict will come soon. Now the “ball” goes to the mayor and the league. Gather the council in a hurry and tell us if they are withdrawing proxies to the councilor for trade or if it continues as if nothing has happened To attack and hear the mayor’s resignation, we think the Democrats. “Beyond the judicial process – says Democrat Councilor Ilaria Baldusi – a dilapidated picture of a vague and questionable relationship is emerging from a political point of view. Democrat Secretary Alessandra Bazardi echoes her: “We reiterate what the mayor has said: the mayor must assess the situation and decide whether it is appropriate to implement choices that will protect the image of the city and the institutions.” . ”The story shows how many times election promises cross the legal threshold. There are many more dark sides, and I hope the judiciary can shed some light. I believe this is a misunderstanding, but interested parties, even if considered innocent, do not necessarily come out. If I were mayor, I would do a great job of deepening and transparency in trying to disable councilor representatives. Finally, NTC’s Nicola Afrandi: news This news casts a shadow over the election. We hope to get to the initial hearing soon to resolve the doubts. We expect clarity as these clouds will soon dissipate over the city. –

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