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Realme GT review - Powerful smartphone at competitive prices

Realme GT review – Powerful smartphone at competitive prices

The photo area is not something the Chinese brand presents. This is mainly due to the integration of the high-end chip and AMOLED screen, which has reduced other features such as real-time photography, which is often a luxury on more expensive smartphones.

The RealMe GT features three photo galleries with 64MPX wide-angle, 8MP ultra-wide-angle and 2MPX macro lens. A basic configuration today, even in the intervening range. Facing the mobile terminal Google Pixel 4a 5G, Which is not well understood in fitness. Let’s see if he manages to create surprise.

Volume Primary: 64 Mpx, f / 1,8, éq. 26 mm.

Basically, the wide-angle module takes pictures at 16 Mpx Pixel pinning This allows the pixels to combine into four to capture more light when exiting. We have sculpted the images so that they can be easily compared to the images at 12 MPX Pixel 4A5G.

Google Pixel 4a 5G (eg 27mm, f / 1,7, ISO 60, 1/90V)
Realm GT (q 26mm, f / 1,8, ISO 249, 1/125V)

Day by day, the results provided by the wide angle are very good. However, the processor reveals the smoothness of the image and the colors are not clear. The general tone seems a little warm to us. The Google Pixel 4a 5G The photo is very smooth and allows for more detail to be retained. We can easily see it on the map, which represents a very significant relief. Despite the cool hues, the colors provided by the pixel are often preserved. Keep in mind, however, that Realme likes the scenes at high speeds. The power of its SoC allows a scene to be easily “strapped”.

Google Pixel 4a 5G (eg 27mm, f / 1,7, ISO 415, 1/2V)
Realm GT (q 26mm, f / 1,8, ISO 6464, 1/15V)

In nocturnal situations, this can be a bit complicated. We can still see the scene, but the digital noise is reinforced. So we miss the details, while the colors are always bland. The Tarot cards captured by Google Pixel 4A5G are very pleasing to the eye. The same goes for both portraits, but let’s not forget that Google’s smartphone is too slow to “shoot”.

Mode 64 MPX

On the other hand, the full definition can be forced into systems. So let’s compare the images in 16 Mpx with the images in 64 Mpx. As usual, we isolated the same (0.90 MPx) portion of each scene. You can see the difference in the definition.

Realm GT (q 26mm, f / 1,8, ISO 100, 1/60V)
Realm GT (q 26mm, f / 1,8, ISO 249, 1/125V)

It’s very rare to underline it, but RealMe GT’s 64MP mode has pleasantly surprised us. The detail gain that can be seen on the old man’s face or the lion’s mane is remarkable. The variation is very minimal, which makes the whole smoother. A view of the mountain ridges (on the map) allows you to observe the event. We therefore recommend switching to this mode as soon as you want to immortalize a particular moment with this smartphone. Unfortunately, the weight of the photos increases exponentially, and we would have loved inserting a microSD card.

Realm GT (q 26mm, f / 1,8, ISO 6500, 1/20V)
Realm GT (q 26mm, f / 1,8, ISO 6464, 1/15V)

No surprise in night conditions. The result is more or less similar to what was seen in the initial image, the sensitivity did not change at this time. It remains readable, but in sharpness we miss a lot. So this method is only effective if you want to make a shot crop.

Mode Ultra Grand-Angle: 8 MPX, f / 2,3, 119

Like more and more smartphones, the RealMe GT has an extreme wide-angle. In most cases, this block is not very stable. Unfortunately for the Chinese model, this is not the case Pixel 4A5G It works better and shoots pictures at 16 Mpx. Effective “no photo” for this particular sensor.

Google Pixel 4a 5G (eg 16mm, f / 2,2, ISO 32, 1/30V)
Realm GT (.q. 16mm, f / 2,3, ISO 191, 1/60V)

If wide-angle decent views are allowed, this does not really apply to ultra-wide-angle module. The image is very smooth and a general blur seems to have fallen on the photo. Detail level Google Pixel 4a 5G Nothing is done, which makes us notice our position quickly.

Google Pixel 4a 5G (eg 16mm, f / 2,2, ISO 440, 1V)
Realm GT (.q. 16mm, f / 2,3, ISO 7104, 1/15V)

At night, the discussion does not take place and the photo in question is simply unusable.

Front module, video

The RealMe GT has a photo module on the front, which is placed on a punch located on the left side of the screen. No big surprise here either. The management of the exhibition is not excellent but the quality is decent. Like many Chinese smartphones, the basic shooting mode makes the skin look like a toy. So it is necessary to go to systems and switch to natural mode to see wrinkles and imperfections again. The portrait mode is very effective and the bokeh effect is very precise, unless you have a very large cut or a very busy background.

The Snapdragon 888 RealMe GT allows shooting at 4K at 60 fps (but at the same frequency as Full HD and 720p). Although we see small vibrations very quickly during movements, the result is very good. So we would have appreciated the excellent stabilization.

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