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The lost Nintendo treasure is now selling for $ 10,000

The lost Nintendo treasure is now selling for $ 10,000

A Kirby rarity that appeared was a real fall. Image source: Nintendo, Getty Images / Andrei Parmashov.

A rarity of about 20 years has now reappeared. It was actually believed that all of these Nintendo treasures were destroyed. A fan bid on a special edition of Kirby on eBay, earning an incredible $ 10,000.

Rare Nintendo invention will be auctioned off

Lost a long hope Nintendo-Garde Now a EBay Auction Appeared again. The final bid for the auction, 6 is 10,600.

Something special Kirby Map Distributed at the Nintendo E3 in 2002 as part of a promotional package, and on retrieval it offers a limited edition gold gift item Pokemon-Game-Boy-Advance.

The auctioneer assures eBay that the card has not yet been redeemed. These cards are called ** eReader cards **, and their barcode can be read on Game Boy Advanced using an additional device.

The following Video Shows how scanning works with Game Boy Advanced:

Through the video, the auctioneer verifies that this is a winning code, a Independent verification Not though.

Special edition cards are almost all erased

There were different types of advertising packages distributed at the time Famous Nintendo characters, They are divided into three categories. First, second and third place – depending on the value of the prize.

It was actually assumed that all of these cards had been erased, as the advertising packages could be retrieved directly on E3 2002 in order to receive the prize. Card scanned and canceled. Nintendo destroyed it after retrieving it.

Apparently, other players failed to open and retrieve their ad packs. Can be found on an eBay Complete pack Not recovered eReader cards It is present $ 4,400. There is also the possibility of having a second or first place card like Kirby.

We need to prove that retrieving the code is impossible today. But for that they have a serious one Rare.

Nintendo has developed all kinds of good gadgets and accessories for its consoles. This series of pictures shows a special collection of today’s rarities:

Rare: View of my Nintendo package
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What do you think of this rare Nintendo treasure? Did you know that Game Boy Advanced has eReader cards like this? Visit us on Facebook and write your thoughts about it in the comments.

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