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The Legend of Zelda, a 34-year-old video game, grossed $ 870,000

The Legend of Zelda, a 34-year-old video game, grossed $ 870,000

Dallas. The product is so rare that its condition is unused. It turns out to be a treasure trove, a copy of the original packaging of the video game “The Legend of Zelda” about the sharp hero link (in a green Robin Hood outfit) that once again saved Princess Zelda from being hammered for $ 870,000 (approximately 32 732,500). The rare version of the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo was produced in late 1987 during a production run that lasted only a few months.

The auction house Heritage Auction in Dallas announced that the auction will take place on Friday (local time). “This is a true collector’s item,” said Valerie McLecki, the company’s video game expert.

The first edition of the popular game was released in 1986. “The Legend of Zelda” marks the beginning of one of the most important legends in gaming history; Its historical significance cannot be underestimated, ”McLeck said.

The Forgotten Super Mario 60 came with 660,000

In April alone, Heritage Auctions auctioned off an unopened copy of Nintendo’s “Super Mario” for 60,660,000. After buying it in 1986 it was forgotten in a drawer.

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