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According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will get "many more" new features

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will get “many more” new features

of Sarah Betsolt
Developers of Windows 11 have commented on Twitter about the planned features of Windows 11. They openly responded to the user’s comment about the purpose of the current update development for the Insider preview of the operating system.

Available for download as the first trial version of Windows 11 as part of the Windows Insider program for interested users. If you like, you can already try out many of the innovations that the operating system has compared to Windows 10. But according to Microsoft, that should not be the case.

The new overall update already has several additional features

As the developers of Windows 11 announced on Twitter, the new OS will receive “many more” changes and additional features than ever before. A Twitter user previously noted that the latest overall development with version number 22000 has already made various changes. The update includes a new login screen, a new file explorer, rounded window corners, a new action center and new settings.

The developers commented on Twitter: “Keep in mind that we will be releasing additional features for Windows 11 Insider Build in the coming months so that each feature can be reasonably customized.
Users can rightly expect from Windows 11 or Insider Build in the coming months, however, it will still be open to the Microsoft team. With the upcoming builds for the preview version of Windows 11 in the coming months, attentive users should gradually discover other innovations – we will continue to report on them as soon as we receive new information.

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