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The Italian party on the bus?  This is forbidden.  FIGC does not respect contracts Cor -

The Italian party on the bus? This is forbidden. FIGC does not respect contracts Cor –

Leader of Rome Matteo Piantedosi: They had confirmed to us a site in Piazza del Popolo. Blocking them with the crowd would have created problems of public order

We refused permission to celebrate Italy’s victory in the European Championship On the open bus, But contracts are not respected. Head of Rome Matteo Piantedosi He did not hide his bitterness over what happened last Monday, “despite the big jobs, the consequences in the next few weeks”.
Shouldn’t this be celebrated?
«Yes definitely. But in different ways.
Come on?
«Last Friday we convened a committee for order and safety. I agreed with Interior Minister Louisiana Lamorges and Police Chief Lamberto Giannini. The meeting was only to decide what to do, and for this reason we contacted FIGC in directly.
What are contracts?
The FIGC requested that the Team National team players be allowed to travel around Rome on an open bus, but it was made clear that this was not possible. We said we could not give them recognition. ‘
«We had to manage the route from Guernail to Palazzo Ciki Meetings can be avoided in any way by trying to fix it with the security needs linked to the epidemic. ”
Were there alternatives?
«Monday morning, FIGC Has proposed various solutions, the last of which is to use a platform to be mounted on the Piazza del Bobolo in the center of Rome, where players can be taken along this route to celebrate with the fans.
Did you recognize it?
“Yes, we felt this could be a potential mediator for us It made it possible to keep the crowd in one place, Also checks whether people wore masks as per the order in force during meetings.
Early Monday morning, there were other direct contacts with FIGC staff, who renewed their request to use the open bus. We explained to everyone that the ratings have not changed.
However, the platform was not loaded.
Pala We thought they would have stopped the players in front of Palazzo Ciki After the meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. We were assured that relocation would take place on the closed bus. Instead, an open-top bus accompanied letters and correspondence dedicated to the European champions shortly after leaving Guerrero.
Have you spoken to President Gravina’s staff?
“Of course, they said there were already a lot of crowds on the streets. It was the players’ strong intention to ride the open bus and continue the celebrations.”
Couldn’t stop him?
“Thousands of people were waiting for the bus, and banning it could have created problems for the public order.”
Is it true that it’s the players who like it?
«I understand that Sielini and Bonucci firmly represented their purpose To employees on duty; Nothing can be done at that time, but take care of the situation and manage it in the best way. The complexity and taste are evidenced by the images that can be seen that in practice only the police forces wore masks. Everything that happened impressed us deeply; For a year now, even in the most difficult of times, in Rome we have always tried to use anti-Govt measures to stimulate the cooperation of citizens and the productive types rather than imposing drastic measures.
He has also heard Kravina or someone from FIGC?
“No, because I still have no respect for the great commitment of the police headquarters and all the police forces. I hope that next year Italy will win the World Cup to hold similar celebrations: on that occasion we will deal directly with the players.

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