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Nintendo Switch: The new OLED model from October

Nintendo Switch: The new OLED model from October

Nintendo announces Nintendo Switch Als OLED-Model With color-intensive 7-inch screen.

October 8th Nintendo Switch-Family New addition: Nintendo Switch OLED model in different colors! This gives video game fans another option to enable different types of Nintendo Switch captions. You can already pre-order the console from selected retailers.

Not a real “Switch Pro”, but a big screen & dock upgrade

The new model is as wide and tall as the Nintendo Switch console, but has a larger 7-inch OLED screen with more intense colors and more variations. It has wide, adjustable position for use in table mode, new station with LAN connection for standard internet connection and 64GB of internal storage.


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There are also integrated speakers that ensure high quality sound when playing games in portable or table mode. Like the Nintendo Switch, gamers can play with the new switch in TV mode on the TV screen.

The scene that comes from the Metroid fear is that Samos Aran fights the monstersGaming

“Metro Fear”: You can now pre-order the special edition with the best plugins

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“Metroid Fear” will be released in October

Source: The game will be released on October 8th “Fear of Metro”, A continuation of the “Mroid” Fusion and the latest addition to the 2D Mroid range that began with the original Mroid for NES. (PM / Nintendo)