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The "gateway" to Mars?  Awesome photo taken by Curiosity Rover on the red planet

The “gateway” to Mars? Awesome photo taken by Curiosity Rover on the red planet

The snapshot taken on May 7 on the Red Planet shows a rock pit carved into the rock. This may be the result of a landslide.

The Curiosity robot, which has been orbiting the surface of Mars since 2012 on behalf of NASA, photographed a strange crater on the planet’s rock wall on May 7. On social networks, many refer to it as the “door”.

“This is (probably) not an alien door, but a landslide following a fracture in the rock,” special media outlet Ciel & Espace commented on Twitter.

The second shot shows the space in a wide shot at this point, which helps to identify multiple “doors”.

An explanation that does not prevent some people from doing all sorts of montages by diverting the clip.

Rovers that allow for many inventions

Since landing on the red planet on August 6, 2012, the Curiosity rover has been sharing impressive photos of Mars. Two more NASA robots – Perseverance and Insight – are also there. Their existence significantly testifies to the fact that a ditch actually welcomed a lake three billion years ago across the river via the delta. The size of Lake Mars is comparable to Lake Geneva.

Another rover, the Chinese Jurong, discovered that the water on the planet lasted longer than initially thought by scientists, according to a study published in the journal Wednesday. Scientific advancesReported by CNN.

For its part, the Insight rover, aimed at exploring the inner structure of Mars, detected a 5 magnitude earthquake on May 4. The largest ever discovered outside of Earth.

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